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Collecting and monitoring the common cost and utility fees

Date: 2009.06.23

Is it difficult to collect the common cost and utility fees from 1000 km away?

Let us do it on your behalf!

As Property Managers, our aim is to complement our clients' investment objectives by enhancing the rental yield where possible and ensuring their investment is well looked after on a day-to-day basis.

If we manage your apartment we ensure you that your Utility Supplier statements will always be settled. The key is: We pay it directly to the Supplier - exactly the right amount, surely in time.

How can we achieve this?

  • We are collecting the common cost and utilities, not just the rental fee from the tenants ŕ no more nightmares about delays.
  • If the lessee misses to pay in time to us or doesn't cover the full bill we can still settle it from the 500 € Owner's Deposit, so you won't have inconvenience about it. And than we reimburse your deposit as soon as we collect it from the tenant.
  •  Also we can pay the common cost from this deposit in case of vacancy.

Monitoring and tenant-chase: 4 steps to collect the fees:

  1. At the end of every month we send statement to the tenant according to the actual meter status
  2. They get a notice between 5th and 10th if we didn't receive the money
  3. Notification mail
  4. Termination mail delivered personally and via registered post as well, so we have proof about it

To monitor all the transactions related to your apartment we use special, property-focused software and we prepare statements for you about your incomes and costs every 3 months.

The Property Managers of Bradley Edwards & Associates are happy to do the all process on your behalf.

So relax at home and we do everything to make the things working smoothly & producing yield to you.

 We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Why work with Bradley?

  • We are market leaders with nearly 500 properties under management
  • 95% of our apartments are rented at any given time
  • Professional multilingual staff
  • Strict rent and utilities collection system
  • Professional all-inclusive sales services